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Providing education, services and resources to assist owner builder home building projects and remodels.

We were not the first Owner Builder Center, that one originated in Berkeley California in the 70’s.  In 1982 Skip Weahunt started teaching for the Berkeley organization at Salono Community College.  In 1984 Skip purchased the rights to open an independent Owner Builder Center in the Sacramento area and began by teaching classes at the Sacramento State College.  The class was an immediate hit with full capacity classes for a number of years.  As the services offered by the Owner Builder Center expanded it was decided to begin teaching classes at our own offices rather than at the College.  Since that time in 1984 thousands of people have attended the classes and successfully built their own homes.


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Save 20% Or More in Total Cost Managing the Construction of Your Home!!


"Organizing and scheduling the work are Skip 's particular strengths. The construction was always moving along, and in a timely manner. When any delays occurred, Skip quickly ironed out the scheduling details and had all the sub-contractors back on track. The speed of the construction also contributed much to cost savings, primarily with the construction loan."

Stuart and Jennifer Loucks

"I attended Skip's class this past weekend -- he's a riot -- and I definitely feel confident on building as the best way to go for me and my wife."

Dave 1/26/16

"The Owner/Builder Center is a great resource for anyone interested in saving money on the construction of his or her new home. Debra Verniest offers clients a depth of expertise rarely found today. Her knowledge of the construction process coupled with her contacts in the lending industry make it easy to rely on her during the financing stage of the project and well beyond. In today's turbulent real estate market, it's important to work with someone who can get the job done and done right."

Martha Lewis

"Hello Debra and Skip!!!

Just want to say that the class was Amazing, totally worth it, Skip’s tips already saved us so much money thanks.. and we learned so much and it got my family jazzed and motivated to get going with the whole process …!!!"

Be Well!
Anna 1/25/16

Thank you for conducting the class and providing a wonderful service to the community, and help those who have interest in building their own home. I find the class very helpful (with regard to resources, what kind of thing to look for while managing your own projects, and how much of a hassle it is - no wonder not a lot of people willing to take up this challenge for themselves)

Doan 06/05/17

Skip and subcontractors showed highly level of responsibility and respect.We enjoyed and highly recommend the company. He was very patient to work with and answered many questions during the process, Our house sits on a hilltop and was very challenging. Skip would be on site everyday and whenever we needed him. He was within our budget and even saved us thousands of dollars. There were so many other instances where we saved .....

Ann and Nick

Our Dream House started with a trip to the Owner Builder Center. We were set on overseeing the construction of our home from the design phase to the finish. A contractor friend suggested that we take the Owner Builder Center Class so both my wife and I had a better understanding of what we were getting ourselves into. The information and material presented was very helpful to navigate through the building process.

But more that that was the continued support we received from Debra and Skip at the Owner Builder Center that was of great value. From referrals to answering questions regarding our project. Also, our construction was right at the end of the market meltdown and the loan process was daunting, even with our good standing the speed bumps were many. Thank goodness for Debra Verneist who stood fast with us during this trying time. Without her our dream home wouldn’t have happened.

We can’t thank them enough and highly recommend their services.

Bruce & Cherie 

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