Owner Builder Classes

Housebuilding/Remodeling Workshop

Learn how to manage the construction or remodeling of your home and save 20% or more by acting as the "Owner Contractor". Managing the construction or remodeling of your own home will not only save you money, but give you a better end product as well. Attend this informative class and learn how.

This two day housebuilding class covers all aspects of the owner built or owner managed project and is designed to give owner builders the know-how to act as owner contractors. The emphasis is on the actual construction process, the language and standard procedures necessary for understanding and communicating effectively with contractors and other construction professionals. Learn how to coordinate the various subcontractors, the typical costs to expect and how to write an effective contract.

Save 20% Or More in Total Cost Managing the Construction of Your Home!!

Owner Builder Class Location
Crowne Plaza Hotel Sacramento Northeast
5321 Date Ave
Sacramento, CA 95841
(916) 338-5800

Class Topics

Introduction, Site Work, and Utilities Installation

All aspects of developing a site plan, grading plan and plotting your home on your lot to the best advantage will be covered. Coordination and installing public and private utilities is explained.


Slab or raised stem wall, which is best and which costs more? Different soil conditions call for different methods of anchoring your new home into the ground. We will discuss all of your foundation options including costs and what to expect from the foundation subcontractor.

Floor Framing and sub-floor

Conventional sawn lumber creates many problems for building a floor. Manufactured building components offer cost effective solutions to build a better quality floor.

Wall Framing and Alternatives in Wall Construction

2x4 & 2x6 Stud wall construction, metal stud framing, timber joinery, penalized walls, and solid timber wall framing will all be examined including costs, pros and cons.

Roof Framing

The style of your roof will affect the cost of framing your home more than any other single item. Understanding the compromise between architectural style and cost of construction will allow you to make better informed decisions.

Siding, Exterior Trim and Windows

Choosing which type of windows can be an overwhelming job in itself. We will cut through all the sales hype and explain exactly what you need to understand to make a good decision. Exterior finishes will be examined including cost-benefits.


A plumber designs your plumbing system himself. You need to understand what constitutes a quality design so you can specify how you want your plumbing installed. This is information that is not on a typical building plan and must be designated by the contractor/owner.


75% of homes built in America use "Composition" roofing. Students are often surprised to find out that tile roofing is only about 35% more expensive than a comp roof. We will look at all the various materials available and discuss their costs and features.


Here is another phase of the work that allows the subcontractor much latitude in decision making. You will benefit by knowing the protocols and what the subcontractor is thinking. Standard wiring procedures, low voltage systems, home theater and security systems will be explained including related costs.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Systems

Everybody is energy conscious these days. Many of the "energy saving" systems that are available have no cost benefit. Don't be a sucker; You can design a very energy efficient system for your new home and not spend a crazy amount of money doing it.

Insulation, and Sheetrock

Much of what you think you know about insulation has been presented to you by the folks who are selling you their product. Ok, call me a cynic, but there is much that they are not telling you about how energy is exchanged between the inside and outside of the home. We will give you the straight information about insulation and offer some suggestions that will make your home energy conserving.

Finish Carpentry, Trim, and Cabinets

Finish carpentry, doors, shelving, window stools, hardware, baseboards and cabinets. Learn about hardwood vs. softwood and what to expect from a finish carpenter.

Ceramic Tile, Countertops, Flooring

Various countertop materials including ceramic tile, Solid surface composite materials, Granite, culture marble, concrete and laminated plastic will all be discussed.

Codes, Permits, and Financing

This class will familiarize you with obtaining building permits and the coordination of the various trades and inspections. What codes are enforced and what inspections are needed.

Each topic will include a variety of options and typical costs, what to expect from the subs and how to avoid extras.