Owner Builder Center has been offering residential and construction financing since 1986. We provide owner builder financing for the construction of your new home. With our program, you can act as your own contractor instead of hiring a general contractor to oversee your project. You want to build your home your way and we want to help you fulfill that dream.

Where Do I Start?

Many people tell us that they would like to build a home but do not know where to start. Well the simple answer is start at the beginning. The beginning for any building project is the land. Before you can fully design a home, you must have a specific site. You can make some decisions about how many bedrooms and baths you require and the general size of home you want, but the actual home plans must be created around a specific site. Oh sure, you can pick out a plan from a magazine, but that is sort of like buying a "one size fits all" set of seat covers. It sort of fits, just doesn’t look all that great.

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Choosing your Land.

Before you rush out and start looking at every piece of land listed in the newspaper or real estate MLS, you can save yourself a lot of time spent driving around by eliminating the land that does not fit in your budget. To determine your land budget, decide how much you are going to spend on the whole project. If you decide that the maximum you want to spend on a new home is $400,000, the land should not cost more than about 25% - 33%.

Paying for your Land.

OK, once you find a piece of land that you like and it fits your budget, you have to figure out how to pay for it. Cash is nice, but maybe not realistic. Land loans are expensive and if you are planning to build right away, a waste of money. A better option is to have the seller allow an extended escrow, 60 - 90 days or to carry the land loan for a short term, three to six months. This will allow you time to hire an architect or designer and generate a set of building plans.

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