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Housebuilding & Remodeling Guidebook

This book will take you step by step through the building process discussing costs, scheduling and dealing with subcontractors. Beyond the building and remodeling portion of this text, you learn about the contracts (sample included), mechanic's liens, stop notices, the different lien releases and when to use them. This book is based on the Building Code standards. There is a chapter dedicated to how a construction loan works and the insurance requirements that lenders accept. This book is written by an active custom home builder and is a realistic guide for any potential owner builders who are looking to do the work themselves but is especially helpful to the person who wants to act as their own contractor. Prices are given for each phase of the work as a general guideline so you have some idea of what it should cost for a plumbing fixture or a square of roofing. Every location is going to have its own variable for the costs, but lumber in Northern California and Utah should not have a huge variable. A version of this book has been used in the housebuilding and remodeling classes that the author has taught for over 25 years. The information is invaluable.